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Falcon Eye Music Kontakt Library

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Panchathurya Kontakt Library V1.1

*This is Limited Time Offer or Actual Price

$30 / Rs. 8000 | $20 / Rs. 5000

  • The classical Sinhalese Orchestra consists of five categories of instruments. The drum is the king of local percussions instruments and without it, there will be no dance.The vibrant beat of the rhythm of the drums form the basic of the dance. The dances feet bounce off the floor and they leap and swirl in patterns that reflex the complex rhythms of the drum beat.

  • Panchathurya Library is a "Kontakt Instrument Library" created using local musical instruments in Sri Lanka. It runs from the latest "Kontakt 6.1 Version", and the "Kontakt Version" software is free with you.The specialty of this is that the local music has been arranged separately. Featuring 11 local instruments, this is a high-quality recording, with each instrument having a separate sound (tune), and a different effect for each instrument..

    • Play back one by one Patterns & Control ADSR
    • Instrumental Roll Keys (Fill Loop & End Loop)
    • High Quality Rhythmic Shot / Power Reverb Effect Panel
    • Synchronize tempo for all loops
    • Most Advanced Library Control System
    • Play back one by one Patterns / Instrumental Roll Keys / High Quality Rhythmic Shot / Power Reverb Effect & Gain .C
    1. Power Reverb Effect & Gain .C
    2. Different type of Key Switch / Graphic Envelops Knob / Original Installation Setup
    3. Original Installation Setup
    4. 11 Instruments / 104 Patterns / 127 one shot / 28 Rolls
    Product type : KOMPLETE Instrument & Kontakt Player Instrument
    For use with : KONTAKT PLAYER version 6.1.1 or higher required / Not compatible with free Kontakt Player
    Download size Windows : 600 MB ( Install Space: 1.45 GB )
    Download size MAC OS : 1.45 GB ( Install Space: 1.45 GB )
    User Manual : Download User Manual pdf
    CPU : Minimum: Intel Dual Core or equivalent CPU. Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or equivalent is recommended.
    RAM : 2 GB of RAM or more is recommended
    Data Storage : HDD or SSD (solid-state drive) is highly recommended
    Shipping This item is not allowed Shipping
    Delivery Estimated 24hr in VIA Mail Address
    (After payment, the download link will be sent to the email address you provide)

    Made for KONTAKT version 6.1.1 or higher (not compatible with free KONTAKT PLAYER)

    1. 44.1kHz / 24bit, stereo
    2. 5500 WAV format samples
    3. 4 RR Layers
    4. 11000 mb
    5. Play back one by one Patterns / Instrumental Roll Keys / High Quality Rhythmic Shot / Power Reverb Effect & Gain .C